DIY Tips for Wall Painting

With fall upon us, you may be feeling a little cozier and looking for ways to spend more time indoors. Instead of just chores and the mundane, why not create an inviting space within your home — something you can enjoy for seasons to come!

Painting your walls is the perfect DIY project to spruce up your home during these cold months. With a new season comes a new color palette, and now’s the time to take advantage of all those trends! But before you pick up a can of paint, check out our tips to keep your painting project easy-peasy!

Prep for Perfections

First, remove everything from the room and clean the walls. A clean surface will allow you to paint more efficiently and get better results!

Tape off the trim, baseboards and any other items you don’t want painted.

If you have any holes or cracks in your walls, make sure to fill them before painting. Then prime the walls with primer. This will make your paint last longer and go on smoother.

Picking the Right Paint

Choosing the color should be the fun part…but there are so many options! Picking the right one can get stressful.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right paint for your walls:

  • Decide if you want to go bold or subtle with your new color choice 
  • Consider how your color choice will affect the mood of the room
  • Buy several paint samples to find out what the color looks like on your walls first
  • Paint an accent wall with a bright or bold color for a dramatic effect
  • Choose a paint color with the same undertone as your carpet and furniture for continuity

Use the Right Tools

There are many different tools out there that can help you to cut in around your windows, doors, baseboards and ceiling lines perfectly — tools like angled brushes or angled sponges. These types of tools will give you a great, crisp line every time.

Be sure to pick up a good, high-quality roller. If you have high ceilings, you might need extendable rollers to reach these areas.

If you really want to be efficient, a paint sprayer will get your walls covered in no time!

Use Proper Painting Technique

Using the right tools helps, but application technique is also key to a perfect paint job.

Smooth out those textures and even out the paint by using a good rolling technique. Use a steady back-and-forth motion. If the roller starts to leave lines in your paint, reduce the amount of liquid you are putting into it.

Painting your walls can be exciting, but owning a stylish home that doesn’t need any work is even better!

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