DIY Backyard Swings

There’s something about a backyard swing that just brings out the kid in all of us! They’re fun, relaxing, and they can be made for a few dollars with the right supplies.

We’ll show you how simple it is to create the perfect place for relaxation. Here’s our list of DIY swings so you can enjoy one in the coming lazy days of summer!

Tire Swing

Old tires are easy to get a hold of and great for backyard swings. You might have one laying around in your garage. Or you can contact a local tire center — they’ll likely part ways with a used one for free!

They’re also convenient because, if you use rope (instead of chain), you won’t need any special hardware.

Simply find a tree branch or two (depending on how high you want the swing), and tie one end around the tire and the other end around the tree branch.

You might need to experiment a bit here on length. And don’t forget to drill a hole into the tire for drainage. Here’s a detailed tire swing tutorial to get yours just right.

Hammock swing

The hammock swing is a traditional way to relax and take a nap outdoors. You can buy durable hammocks, but nothing will provide you as many years of tranquil swinging than two strong trees that are positioned close enough together for your needs.

If this isn’t available in your yard or garden space just yet, there’s another option: concrete posts into the ground. Here’s how you can add a hammock to any backyard, regardless of your current tree situation!

Rope Swing

Rope swings are another simple and budget-friendly DIY because you only need a few materials.

A rope swing can be as simple as a long rope with a loop or knot at the end, or it can have a board to use as a seat. Here are a few rope swing options for you to consider.

Swing Set

If you have kids, a backyard swing set will maximize their summer fun! You can purchase swing sets from your local hardware store or online and assemble the pieces yourself.

You could also create your own DIY treehouse with a swinging bridge that connects to it! These ideas are perfect if you have land but no trees in sight.

Swing sets provide more than great outdoor fun: sun protection (they block UV rays), exercise opportunities (you’ll need muscles!), emotional benefits (it boosts serotonin levels) and socialization among other neighborhood kids who might want to play.

It’s hard to beat the simple joy of a summer day spent swinging in your own backyard.

If you need a better backyard for building an enjoyable outdoor space for one of these types of swings, we’re here to help!

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