Spring Home Decor Trends

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, baby birds are chirping, and homeowners are decorating. It’s officially time to lose the winter decor and add a burst of color for the season! Here are several trendy ways you can update your home’s decor this spring.

Fresh Greenery

Nothing says spring like fresh flora and fauna! Add a touch of greenery throughout your home to welcome spring indoors.

There are countless ways to display fresh plant life in every corner of the house. In the kitchen, a window herb garden adds color while supplementing your grocery shopping list.

Small potted ferns, orchids and gardenias look beautiful on bathroom counters and shelves.
Centerpieces of colorful tulip bouquets really brighten up an entryway, dining room, and coffee tables.
And you can even add a little extra detail from nature with faux speckled eggs in your arrangements.

Floral Accents

Florals reign supreme in the spring! Mix floral patterns into your everyday decor to highlight the blossoms of the season.

Accent pillows, throw blankets, tablecloths and curtains are an affordable and easy way to add flower patterns into your main living spaces. If you want a really bold room feature, consider adding a spring-worthy peel-and-stick wallpaper. This low-effort option allows you to really lean into the seasonal decor, without the permanence of traditional wallpaper.

Even your bedroom can receive a fresh look for the spring! A floral comforter, light and airy curtains, and garden scented candles will transform your space.

Pastel Colors

Pastel blue, pink, lavender, green and yellow are the colors of the season. If floral patterns aren’t your style, you can still incorporate the cheery shades of spring in a different way.

A bold new multi-colored rug, color-block curtains, an eye-catching accent chair — all of these make for a bright focal point in your common rooms.

And if the design is more about colors of the season instead of floral patterns, your pastel decor can be a staple until the end of summer!

Galvanized Decor

Gardening is one of those activities that really ramps up in the spring. That’s what makes galvanized decor items such a great feature to use indoors this season.

From planters to buckets, and decorative wheelbarrows to watering cans, these silver metal finishes give a nod to all things growing outdoors. Galvanized metal has that charming rustic feel, while also being useful to display your flower arrangements or use as storage.

Porch Decor

Don’t forget to show off your spring spirit to your neighbors! Your front porch is the perfect place for a seasonal display.

Hanging flower baskets, potted plants, and a festive front door wreath will make a welcoming front entrance. And if you’re currently selling your home, these simple spruces will improve curb appeal, helping you entice potential buyers.

Gemcraft Homes are stylish, affordable and available for quick move-in! Whether this season of life demands a single-family home, duplex or townhouse, we have you covered. Find your idyllic home and get moving this spring!