Becoming Your Own At Home Barista

These days, your own kitchen and living room are likely your go-to coffee spots. You might be feeling the need to spruce up that at-home coffee routine. Who says you can’t have the most delicious and decadent barista-quality drinks without having to leave the house?

Here are some irresistible products, ideas and recipes that will make you feel like your brewing in the trendiest little coffee shop in town!

Best at-Home Espresso Machine

There are so many kinds of perfection when it comes to a cup of coffee! Maybe you’re a latte-wizard who loves to steam and mix concoctions. Or you might be that coffee purist who uses a pour-over technique or French press. Or maybe you opt for on-the-go convenience in pod machine form.

For as many ways there are to enjoy a cup, there are as many appliances to make one. For pulling those professional espresso shots and making at-home cappuccinos, you’ll need the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine.

Breville is well known for their coffee appliances and accessories. You will love the size, convenience and efficiency of this powerful little espresso machine. And it will start your at-home baristas journey on the right foot!

Perfecting Latte Art

There’s nothing as fancy as picking up your latte at the local shop and seeing a leaf, cat, or heart in foam sitting on top of your crema. Making coffee like a real barista means knowing how to free-pour beautiful latte art. Somehow, this extra touch makes the whole drink taste more decadent!

There are countless tutorials on how to pour latte art. With the right speed and wrist movement, you’ll be able to add a design to your drink like the pros!

Caramel Brulee Coffee

Black coffee with a little cream may be your everyday drink, but sometimes you need to indulge with something extra! Instead of going out for your fix, get that coffee house flavor right at home while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

This delicious Caramel Brûlée coffee drink recipe is a balanced combo of caramel and cream that will leave your family wondering which coffee shop it came from!

London Fog Tea Latte

If coffee just isn’t your thing, check out this London fog recipe and take your afternoon tea-game to the next level. This classic steamed Earl Grey Latte is the perfect thing to sip-on while curled up with your favorite book. It’s a great way to vamp up a simple tea beverage into something fancier!

Italian Affogato

The unique aroma and perfect blend of flavors found in this affogato recipe will send your taste buds on an instant transport to Italy! You won’t be disappointed with this traditional half-dessert, half-java. With espresso, gelato and a hint of liquor, Affogatos are a perfect after-dinner treat. It will bring you a newfound feeling of European adventure after just one taste!

No matter which way you like it, making your coffee or tea at-home is the best way for that personally tailored cup. All it takes is a kitchen you love and some coffee brewing essentials. Consider a Gemcraft Home and find the perfect kitchen to get you brewing!