Home Organization Hacks

Getting your home’s chaos under control is great for your wellbeing. Clutter causes stress, but an ordered house makes daily tasks and chores simple. You’re able to be more efficient and find the belongings you need, when you need them.

The secret to organization starts with 3 simple rules:

  1. Have a daily cleaning routine
    Spend a few minutes each day doing general tidying.
  2. Declutter regularly
    Donate or throw away items you don’t need. If it’s not a keepsake, and you haven’t used it in over a year, get rid of it.
  3. Maintain organization
    Once things are clean, keep them that way. If you take something out, put it away when you’re done.

Kick bad habits and get your mess under control with these home organization hacks from the Gemcraft team!

Cut through the clutter by starting with a good deep cleaning. Put dirty dishes away and wipe all your surfaces, then simplify the state of the room with these tricks:

  • Store baking sheets in an upright position using vertical tension rods
  • Use a stackable turntable (a.k.a. Lazy Susan) in cabinets to easily find your spices
  • Get dividers or organizers for every single drawer (yes, even the junk drawer)
  • Hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils on the wall or on cabinet doors
  • Save old 6-pack beer bottle boxes to organize condiments in the fridge

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. It quickly fills with piles of laundry, half-emptied shower products, and makeup all over the counters. Rescue your space with these bathroom hacks:

  • Use a shower caddy religiously for soaps, razors, body wash, and shampoo
  • Throw away old product bottles the minute they’re empty
  • Add a tension rod with hanging baskets in the tub to organize your kid’s bath toys
  • Store cotton balls, Q-tips, toothbrushes and toothpaste on the counter in decorative glass jars
  • Hang curling irons and straighteners on Command Hooks on the inside of cabinet doors
  • Add bins or stackable racks inside cabinets for more storage space
  • Install shelves over the toilet or pickup a space-saving toilet rack for towels
  • Keep a dedicated laundry basket in your bathroom at all times

Better cleanliness means better productivity when it comes to a home office. A minimalist space is best if you want a more productive work day. Try these methods for success at your desk:

  • Cut holes in a decorative cardboard box and put a powerstrip inside to make a charging station
  • Put binder clips on the edge of your desk to keep cables out of the way
  • Use an under-the-desk movable storage cart with drawers to add space for supplies and paperwork
  • Store pens, markers and scissors in mason jars
  • Optimize your wall space for extra storage with a corkboard or shelves
  • Get a desk tray organizer to sort papers that you need quick-access to
  • Take 10 minutes at the end of every workday to re-organize your space

Bins of overflowing holiday decorations and a teetering pile of gardening tools are common in garages — but this doesn’t have to be the case! These garage hacks will help you achieve simplicity:

  • Hang a wood palette on the wall as a rack for storing rakes and shovels
  • Use a second-hand dresser as a workbench and for storing hand tools
  • Cut PVC pipes and screw them to the wall for hanging drills
  • Mount your bicycles to the wall or hang them from the ceiling
  • Add dropdown shelves to the ceiling for storage bins
  • If you have a sectional garage door, use brackets on the backside to store sports equipment and fishing rods

Organization often comes down to the layout and storage space within your home. If your family has outgrown the space you’re in, consider a Gemcraft Home! We have stylish and spacious homes available now.