At Home Cooking: Recreate Pennsylvania Favorites

What do pretzels, Philly cheesesteaks, and Hershey’s chocolate have in common? They’re all from Pennsylvania! Whether you’re a native, new to the area, or just a general foodie, we’re sharing some delicious recipes inspired by Pennsylvania favorites. Get your aprons on and your Gemcraft kitchen ready to recreate these locally tasty foods!

Soft Pretzels

When German immigrants settled in the Keystone State in the 1700s, they brought a delicious bread recipe that became an American staple. Drive in any direction in Pennsylvania Dutch Country today and you’re sure to find hot pretzels on display.

Depending how long the twisted dough is baked, pretzels can be served up soft or hard. Besides the texture preference, pretzels can be baked or dipped in other toppings for savory and sweet variations. Here’s a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel recipe to make mouth’s water!

Philly Cheesesteak

Our most populated city, Philadelphia, is fondly associated with the cheesesteak sandwich. Tender beef, gooey mozzarella, and a crusty hoagie are the stars of this local staple. The yummiest Philly Cheesesteak recipes add sizzled peppers and onions for an extra kick of flavor.


Another classic to come out of Pennsylvania Dutch Country is scrapple. The name refers to the pork scraps used in this traditional breakfast recipe. To do it right, the gelatinous loaf takes several hours of prep and cook-time. It’s then pan-fried and served up with ketchup, applesauce or jelly. We’re not going to lie — this dish isn’t for everyone…but here’s a quick and easy scrapple recipe if you want to try it out.


Pittsburgh locals are passionate about pierogies! This Polish dish became a true local favorite. You can find it all over the region at restaurants and food trucks. You might even see dancing mascot pierogies if you attend a Pittsburgh Pirates game!

Making pierogies only takes a few basic ingredients, but getting the hang of folding the dough can take practice. Here’s a recipe that walks you through the process.

Whoopie Pie

Dessert lovers can celebrate all the deliciously chocolate treats that come from Hershey, PA! Not far from our state’s capital, the Hershey Company’s factory has been pumping out cocoa-flavored goodies since 1900. And since whoopie pies were popularized by our state’s Pennsylvania Amish, we love this recipe that blends the two favorites!

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