Working with a Preferred Lender You Can Trust

Buying a new home can be overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be! When you work with the right home builder, the process is simple and straightforward.

Gemcraft Homes believes in making your experience as stress-free as possible, and that includes the actual purchase of the home. That’s why we partner with Southern Trust Mortgage as our preferred lender. With consistent communication and exceptional service, they provide homebuyers a streamlined and affordable experience.

When purchasing a new home, the options for financing are endless. Here’s a peak into what it’s like working with a preferred lender you can trust.

Do I have to use Gemcraft’s Preferred Lender?

Most builders team up with a lending company to make the home buying process easier on their customers. But do you have to use a builder’s lender?

When deciding how to pay for your new home, there are several options. Using a builder’s lender is not required. You can choose any lender you like, or even just pay in cash, foregoing the need for a lender at all.

It’s important to understand that just because a builder is working with a specific lender, they are not otherwise affiliated. The builder shouldn’t be receiving any financial incentive to work with them. This would be illegal.

Instead, the goal is to offer a lender that has met the needs of the builder’s customers in the past. A preferred lender has proven they can provide a quality path to homeownership. Basically, it’s a way to deliver on promises.

Benefits of Using a Builder’s Preferred Lender

So if you can use any lender, why bother using a builder’s preferred lender? As we mentioned, a preferred lender already has a reputation for success in working with the builder.

The home lending process can be confusing and frustrating for even the most experienced buyer. Since a preferred lender has worked with the builder countless times, they know the process like the back of their hand. There’s no second-guessing or last minute surprises before closing. Every step of the process is spelled out from the get-go.

Preferred lenders and builders often offer special discounts and incentives. These deals are exclusive to the customers of their partner, and can save you a bundle on the overall purchase price of your new home.

Even in situations where a different lender might offer a slightly lower interest rate, the incentives could be enough to offset the cost, making a preferred lender the better option. Be a smart shopper and always compare the long term financing costs with any deducted incentives from a preferred lender or builder.

Is Southern Trust Mortgage Right For You?

Financing your new home doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Southern Trust Mortgage delivers a friendlier course of action, one that includes open and honest communication.

You should never feel left in the dark about your finances. Our preferred lender keeps your goals and concerns top-of-mind always. Customers love their attention to detail and transparency. Both Gemcraft Homes and Southern Trust Mortgage want you to get to closing in the easiest, clearest and most affordable way possible.

We have quick move-in homes ready for your next season in life. Start 2021 with a builder and a lender who care about every step of your home buying experience. Contact us today to find a dream home with a dream team!