Safe Thanksgiving Home Prep for 2020

Planes, trains, automobiles and…video call? Thanksgiving is a time when we’re used to traveling to see our loved ones or hosting them in our homes. But this year might look a little different.

We want to spend time with family, but we also want to keep them safe. That means smaller gatherings or catching up from a distance virtually.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, you can still have a fantastic Thanksgiving in 2020. Here are some ideas from our Gemcraft Homes team to plan your COVID-safe holiday meal!

Host a Virtual Gathering

We may not all be in the same house, or even the same state, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gather virtually. And just because your Thanksgiving is virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be your best holiday yet! Here are some virtual tips.

Dress Up
Encourage your family to dress up for the occasion even if your gathering is virtual. Dressing up puts us in the holiday spirit, and is a big part of what makes an event feel special. So pull those beautiful holiday clothes out of the back of your closet, or maybe do a little online shopping for your perfect Thanksgiving outfit!

Play games
Games come with the territory when you are gathered together for a family holiday. Don’t let distance stop you. There are a ton of games you can still play together if your family is gathering remotely. Here are a few virtual Zoom games to get you started.

Recipe Swap
Have each family member share a recipe for a dish they are making. We can’t taste each other’s dishes over the computer screen, but swapping the recipe is a fun way to include each other in the meal from afar.

Celebrate Outdoors

According to the CDC COVID-19: Holiday Celebrations, if you are celebrating in person, one of the safest ways to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday this year is at a small outdoor gathering.

You can create a beautiful Thanksgiving table spread in your own backyard this year. Break out the patio string lights and the candles. Use the crisp fresh air as the perfect setting for your Thanksgiving feast. Plus it’s the healthiest option for the whole family!

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Whether you’re hosting outside or having a virtual family gathering, make sure your home is spruced up for the occasion. Nothing spells out the holidays more than pulling out the decorations and creating a festive atmosphere.

Set that autumn tone with rustic textures and warm golden hues. A brush of crimson and cranberry here and there adds a splash of color. If you’re hosting your meal outside, embrace and incorporate the natural setting. Use pine cones and beautiful natural foliage in your cornucopia or your centerpiece.

Don’t forget some flame! Candles add that final touch of a warm glow to your Thanksgiving table. Here are some more ideas for 2020 Thanksgiving decorations.

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