Celebrating Halloween in Pennsylvania Safely in 2020

We’re just a few weeks away from Halloween—but this year is already extra scary. A certain virus that shall not be named is giving parents a whole new perspective on the safety of trick-or-treating.

Yet the anticipation and excitement from your kids can’t be avoided. They’re expecting some sort of holiday activity or entertainment.

Enjoy a healthy and spooky Halloween minus the germs! Here’s our best ideas for safely celebrating in Pennsylvania.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Part of the fun in trick-or-treating is seeing how your Gemcraft neighbors have decorated for the big night. Instead of walking door-to-door and collecting candy from the hands of strangers, plan a decoration scavenger hunt with your family.

Create a bingo card or use this printable scavenger hunt that includes items like gravestones, spiders, skulls and sound effects. Walk the neighborhood and be the first to spot each item. And be sure to wear your costumes and bring along your own candy to keep your energy up!

Pumpkin Carving Or Painting Competition

Feeling crafty and creative? Gather your family or a few close friends for some friendly competition. Grab all the supplies for carving or painting, and ask everyone to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin).

Give candy or prizes for the most elaborate, unique or crowd-pleasing designs. If you have a range of age groups and skill levels participating, try to create categories where each person has an opportunity to win. Need some inspiration? Here’s 150 pumpkin decorating ideas to get you started!

Baking Night

Halloween is the night for sweets! Canceling trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in sugary goodies. Get the family together for a night of Halloween-themed baking.

Keep it simple with candy apples or get inventive with your own creations. Just make sure to hit the store before the 31st to stock up on pumpkin filling and other in-demand ingredients. There’s nothing scarier than getting halfway through a recipe and realizing you don’t have a key component!

Outdoor Movie Night

There’s something about nighttime sounds of the dark outdoors that make Halloween extra creepy! Take advantage of nightfall and plan an outdoor movie screening event. Mini projectors and screens are affordable and easy to set up. Your garage door or backyard makes for a great backdrop!

If your crowd is under 13 years old, show a fall-favorite like Harry Potter. If you’re trying to keep teenagers entertained, a slightly more ghoulish horror film is appropriate.

Break out the smores and a small gas fire pit to add to the ambience. Lay blankets and folding chairs around the yard for a cozy night of movie viewing.

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