Enjoying 2020 Sports Seasons at Home

Since mid-March, professional and amateur sports have seen a dramatic shift in how and when games are played. But with fall on deck, we’re finally seeing a slight return to normalcy.

Major League Baseball, the NBA, WNBA, golf, hockey and even motor sports are back at it. Now’s the time to grab your calendar and plan a fresh way to root for your favorite teams!

Host Small Watch-Parties

Host a watch-party in your exceptional Gemcraft Homes’ living room. With open floor plans for entertaining, you have the perfect setup for hosting your closest sports fanatics.

Stay healthy by following best practices for your group gathering from the Maryland or Pennsylvania health officials, then plan a fully decked-out sporting event!

From the food, to decor, and even fight songs, create the environment of watching live at the stadium. Plan your party with your team in mind. If you’re watching baseball, serve the oh-so-traditional hot dogs and peanuts. If basketball is the name of the game, put up pennants and balloons that match your team colors (Party City has excellent team-themed decor!). If you’re cheering on the Steelers or Ravens, have the team anthems cued up to get your crowd enthusiastic.

Join In On The Action

Are you noticing the effects of the “quarantine 15?” Staying home packed on a few extra pounds, so let this sports season inspire you to get moving. Grab the family and head outside with tennis rackets, baseball gloves, or the ol’ pigskin.

Working out regularly is good for your confidence, energy levels, and waistline! Plus it’s great for bonding with family or friends and getting into the sporting mindset.

Create A “Sports-Only” Space

Do you have a spare room that isn’t getting much use? How about a covered outdoor area that needs sprucing? Or maybe you’ve been dying to have your own home theater, complete with projector and raked seating?

Make the most of the fall sports schedule and carve out an area that’s dedicated to sports. Set up your entertainment center, room layout, and decor to put you in the sporting mindset.

It’s not the same experience as attending a game in-person…it can be better! Pausing the game to get more snacks and enjoying the entertainment in your comfiest robe is actually quite a luxury.

Take watching “from the comfort of your home” to a whole new level with these sporty home theater ideas!

Healthy Competition

Make the season more exciting with healthy competition among friends or family. Fantasy Football is a fun way to be involved and competitive the whole season long. It’s free, easy to take part in, and raises the stakes each week!

Or you could create your own weekly contests, games or bets to drive up excitement with other sports enthusiasts. A single contest that ends when the game ends is good, but you could also stretch out the anticipation over a whole series or season. This keeps everyone engaged from week to week.

Celebrate the return of sports in the best place possible. Find a home that’s perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and watching the game!