Cool Yourself Down with these Homemade Sorbets

Beat the heat with the summer fave of homemade sorbet! We’re craving something sweet and refreshing to keep us cool during these hot summer months. It’s a great alternative to ice cream AND it can be healthy too! All you need is your trusty blender and you can wave the heat goodbye.

Cantaloupe Sorbet
Melon season is here and what perfect way to eat this favorite fruit than in a sorbet! Cantaloupe isn’t only for fruit salads, it can be a great frozen treat as well! This cantaloupe sorbet just uses three ingredients so you can get a tasty treat on a budget. Make it unique! Add any other type of fruit to the mix – spice it up!

Raspberry Sorbet
A family favorite, this raspberry sorbet kicks it up a notch with a touch of lime. In just 30 minutes, you can serve this frozen treat to your family. Add a sprig of mint to add a bit of freshness. Store in the freezer and you can have a frozen treat whenever you like.

Banana Nice Cream
Have you ever heard of Nice Cream? This is for those folks who are on a diet and need something to satisfy their sweet tooth without adding the calories. It’s so hard to tell the difference, you might even be able to trick your kids into thinking it’s real ice cream.

Blueberry Buttermilk Sherbert
Now, this might not technically be a sorbet because of the dairy, but we’re still including this recipe in our list for all of those blueberry lovers out there. The creaminess of the buttermilk adds a little extra *umph* to your average frozen desert. Break this recipe out during the weekend, and your family will be asking for seconds and maybe even a third helping.

Meyer Lemon Sorbet
This lemon sorbet takes you back to those days at summer camp, sitting on the grass, and savoring a lemon sorbet out of a cup with a wooden spoon. This recipe doesn’t include those little wooden spoons, but you can still get nostalgia while tasting the tartness of this dessert.

Dole Whip
Disney World might be out of the question to visit nowadays, but we’re still craving their famous Dole Whip dessert. Recently, Disney released their famous recipe in light of Covid-19, so you can bring the magic to your own home. This simple recipe will take you right back to Splash Mountain and the fireworks display.

Watermelon Vodka Sorbet
We just had to include an alcoholic sorbet for the adults. Have some fun with this sorbet by adding your favorite vodka!

What are your favorite frozen treats to have during the summer? Let us know on social!