7 Ways to Cool Down Your Home

Summer is in full swing and all we want to do is to jump in an ice bath for some relief. Now for most of us, that might not be possible unless you are a professional athlete or just happen to have an industrial-sized ice maker in your garage. However, there are still ways to cool down without overexerting your AC unit. We’re listing our top 7 ways to cool down your home without breaking the bank.

Draw the blinds

So much light and heat can get through your windows. During the summer, it can be sweltering hot even though you have the ac cranked on high. Draw the blinds to let less light in and heat! Want to go an extra step? Get some blackout curtains to let even less light into your home.

Instead of using the stove, use your oven

We all use our stoves on a daily basis but did you know that just by using your stove, you are making your AC work harder? When you think about it, it’s basically an open fireplace. Utilize your oven more because it traps in the heat. Also, it’ll give you a break from slaving over a hot stove all summer.

LED lightbulbs

Put your hand up to an exposed lightbulb. Does it feel warm? Then it’s time to switch to LED lightbulbs. They give off no extra heat and use less electricity. Your wallet will thank you!

Get a BedJet

Do you toss and turn, have one leg completely out from under the covers and blast a noisy fan all night? We’ve got a solution (albeit an unconventional one!) to make your nights cooler and quieter. The BedJet is like your own personal air conditioner FOR YOUR BED! Just tuck the tube under the covers and feel a nice cool breeze!

Close the doors

Trap the AC in each room so that when you walk in there is a burst of cold air. If you leave the doors to rooms open, that cool air can escape into the hallway and disperse pretty quickly. By closing the doors, it traps in that air and circulates. If you have too much of a gap between the floor and the bottom of your door, install a door draft stopper to minimize airflow.

Get a dehumidifier

Humidity can just be the melted icing on the cake when it comes to summer. Not only is it super hot, but it’s also humid. Which can make people feel sticky and sometimes claustrophobic. Get a dehumidifier for the top floor to suck all of the humidity out of the air so you can finally take a breath of fresh cool air.

Upgrade your fans

If you still have that oscillating fan that’s been around since the 80s, it’s time to invest in a new fan to cool down your home. Though on the expensive side, the Dyson Cool fans are less noisy and easier to clean than your average bladed fans. It takes in the surrounding air and turns it into a high velocity and amplified airflow.

If you are in desperate need of a cool down this summer and are tired of sticking your head in the freezer every hour, we suggest trying these tips to get yourself through the sweltering months. Let us know what you do to help cool yourself down during summer!