How We Are Keeping You and Our Employees Safe

Now that Maryland and Pennsylvania are beginning to see some signs of rejuvenation, we are excited to open up our offices and model homes as well. Our top priority is not only to keep our employees safe but to keep you safe as well. Gemcraft Homes is taking the following precautions with everyone’s best interest in mind:

The Gemcraft Team will all be wearing masks in the office.

There will be hand sanitizer available throughout the office to keep everyone’s hands clean as they navigate their workspace.

We are wiping down all surfaces throughout the day on a regular basis to prevent spreading germs.

When visiting a model home:

  • Masks will be required for both you and the Gemcraft team when touring model homes.
  • We ask that you remove your shoes or wear shoe covers upon entering the model.
  • All visitors MUST wash hands when arriving. There will also be hand sanitizer available for your use while in models.

Before and after each tour of a model home we will be disinfecting surfaces, playing close attention to those that are “high-touch.”

Our production team is limiting the number of people working in a home at one time as well as requiring masks.

All of these precautions are to ensure the safety of our customers, staff, and team members. Want to take a tour from the comfort of your own home? We have virtual tours available on our website and we are happy to schedule a virtual appointment to begin exploring your dream home. Contact Gemcraft’s Online Sales Concierge, Stephanie, today! We look forward to seeing you!