How to Decorate Your Bedroom in Time for Spring

Spring is two weeks away and it’s time to start refreshing your home. We recommend starting with your bedroom. Check out these design ideas to make your bedroom feel fresh again.

Wall Art
Watercolor Iris Prints, Vintage Botanical Illustrations

Change out those paintings of snow and put these botanical illustrations in your room. Bring nature into your home without having to water anything. These prints will brighten up your bedroom and give a serene atmosphere.

Farmhouse ‘Dogwood in Spring Neutral’ Print on Wood

If you are into the rustic look, this wall piece is perfect. These white flours a great neutral tone for any style bedroom.

Muse Geometric Textured Jacquard Linen Sheer Rod Pocket Window Curtain

Add sheer long curtains to your bedroom for an airy atmosphere. Take down those heavy curtains and replace them with a white curtain to make your room look bigger.

MIULEE Decorative Sheer Curtains with Embroidered Leaf Pattern

If you want your curtains to have a more spring look to them, these curtains are perfect. These have embroidered leaves to bring a more earthy look to your bedroom.

Wool Embroidered Pillow Cover

Add some texture to your bed by adding throw pillows. This wool pillow cover will add some depth to your bedroom. It’s so versatile you can use it through fall!

Inshere Spring Theme Pillow Covers

Throw these on your bed for a pop of color. They even look like an oil painting. The best part is they are machine washable.

Emma Indigo Rose Floral Reversible Quilt

This quilt will keep you warm but not too hot in the spring. The floral pattern adds some softness for the spring and summer.

Montecito Bedding Collection

If you want some bedding with a little bit more character, this bed set is for you. It’s also reversible!

Meadow Showers

Nothing puts you in the spring mood like a fresh candle. Meadow showers smell like April on a warm rainy day.

Fresh Cut Lilacs

If you like floral scents, this candle is perfect.

Brandt Oriental Gray Rug

Last but not least, it’s time to add some rugs to your bedroom. This area rug is a great neutral for any bedroom.

Chunky Braided Wool Rug Ivory

Want something a little softer? This wool rug will keep your feet warm when you first wake up.

Did we miss any of your favorite touches to add to your bedroom? We can’t wait for spring!