10 Best Family Movies to Watch over the Winter Break

Winter break is almost here and let’s face it, it is way too cold to be outside. Want to keep the family entertained but still enjoy the warmth of your Gemcraft house? Watch one of our top movies with your family over Christmas vacation. We’ve picked some classics and well as new movies in theaters. Check each of these movies off your movie watch list this winter.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We love this classic with Jim Carrey as the Grinch. Discover the real meaning of Christmas through the eyes of this Dr. Seuss classic. It’s a great movie to sit and wrap presents together or have a cup of hot chocolate. This is a holiday staple that everyone should watch.

Little Women

In theaters Christmas Day, this is a remake of the classic based on the book! Starring Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chamelot, this movie shows the life of 4 sisters during the Civil War. Follow Joe March and her sisters as they come of age in this historical drama.

Santa Clause

Have little ones that believe in Santa? This movie is great for children of all ages. Follow Scott and his son as they discover that Scott is the new Santa Clause! This movie will bring you laughs, joy and get you in the Christmas spirit. If you love Tim Allen’s comedy, you’ll love this movie.

Frozen 2

Can’t get, “Let it Go” out of your head? This sequel surpasses the first movie by 5 snowflakes. Disney’s Frozen 2 follows Anna and Elsa and all of their friends in a new adventure that adults and kids love. Packed with new music, you’ll finally be able to get “Let it Go” out of your head.

A Christmas Carol

Check out this animated movie based on the book. With so many remakes and versions, it was hard to pick and choose which one was our favorite. This Christmas Carol is definitely kid-friendly but still has a creepy atmosphere. Snuggle up with your family and watch Jim Carrey in another Christmas classic.

March of the Penguins

Don’t want to play outside in the snow? Enjoy the snow INDOORS with this movie. Follow the journey of emperor penguins in the Antarctic and you’ll be taken into a winter wonderland. You’ll laugh, cry, and discover what it means to be family in the lives of these most extraordinary animals.

A Christmas Story

What is Christmas day without an endless stream of A Christmas Story all day? Sit down with your kids, parents, and grandparents and watch this movie full of nostalgia and humor, you’ll want this to be a Christmas tradition for your family. How many times have you watched this classic?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Another movie based on a popular book series! Follow 4 arguing siblings as they discover a hidden world inside of a wardrobe. This family-friendly movie will remind you what it means to be a family. Want to stay in the world of Narnia? Check out the sequels.

Happy Feet

Dance your way into the lives of these penguins in the Antarctic. This animated family movie will make you dance your way out of the winter blues. Wake up and get dancing! Your kids will jam out to this movie all winter.

Christmas Vacation

Set in the late 1980s, join the Griswolds in trying to make Christmas perfect. You’ll laugh till you cry at all of the antics the family goes through to striving for the picture-perfect holiday. Great for the entire family. Go the extra step and drink some eggnog with this hilarious film.

It’s family time this season and what better way to have quality time than to watch movies together. Which of these films have you watched? Let us know on social!