Dogs of Gemcraft

Happy Dog Month! We wanted to share some pictures of our Gemcraft Dogs. We love having these pups around to come home to after a long day at work. Need a shopping break? Scroll through these furry animals to lighten your day.

Meet Oliver! This pup belongs to Alison Wagner. I think he is waiting for a treat, don’t you?

Say hello to Bailey. We love this before and after. Look how big they’ve gotten! Allan Wilson definitely has his hands full with this pup.

We’re in love with Sharon Babcock’s pups: Coco, Mesha, and Lexi Lu!

Take a look at these snuggly pups. Charlie and Sonny are owned by Gemcraft’s Bill and Vickie Luther.

Meet Brian Davis’ smiling pup, Leo. We love that grin. Looks like he had a nice walk outside!

Bonus! We aren’t just celebrating the dogs of Gemcraft. We are celebrating our cats too.

Judy Swietkoski’s cat Coco is eyeing that tree. We know they want to jump in it.

Meet sweet Mirage. We’re jealous that Kimberly Schuchart gets to go home and see this sweet cat every day.

Steve Turner not only has a lot of cats, but he also owns a gecko!

We’re so happy we got to share our 4 legged friends with our Gemcraft Community. Check out our Album on Facebook for more Gemcraft pets! Happy #NationalDogMonth!