DIY Halloween Decorations for your Front Yard

It’s time to make the outside of your house ready for trick-or-treaters! Skip just putting boring pumpkins outside, get creative with these DIYs to wow your neighbors. We’re showing you our top displays to get the outside of your Gemcraft home ghostly and ghouly. Don’t worry though, with these decorations, you won’t scare the kids away.

Painted Jar Luminaries

Have a bunch of mason jars sitting in your cabinet you know you aren’t going to use for that jam recipe? Make them into reusable jack-o-lanterns instead! All you need is acrylic paint, sharpies, and tea lights. It’s a perfect activity to do with the kids without the mess of actual pumpkin scraps. Place these on your porch and lining your driveway and trick-or-treaters will know exactly where the treats are!

Ghost Leaf Bags

This is probably the most simple and easy outdoor Halloween decor out there. You can use everyday items in your house and get your chores done too. Fill white trash bags with leaves from your yard, tie ‘em up, turn ‘em upside down, and etch on a scary face. Perfect for some ghostly magic in your yard!

Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

Make your porch glow with these witchy decorations. Using fishing line, cheap witch hats, and glow sticks, you can turn your front porch into a magical spectacle. Make it Harry Potter themed and instead of a witch’s hat, use the Sorting Hat. Let the kids stand under it and they’ll get placed into a Hogwarts House. You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood with this simple but magical decoration.

Creepy Bush Eyes

This cheap and easy craft will be a quirky fun addition to your front yard and may even spook some neighborhood dogs. Get your kids in the Halloween spirit and have them help you with these googly eyes. All you need is spray paint, dollar store pumpkins, black and red paint. Done in 30 minutes, this craft is a fun addition that’s reusable for next year.

Garage Door Monster

Be the talk of the neighborhood with this easy yet elaborate looking monster. Made using black fabric for the door, add some spray painted cardboard for the teeth, and you are set!
Bonus: add some fog to get even creepier!

If you are in one of our Pennsylvania Communities, don’t forget to check when your township’s trick-or-treat night is by going here! Did we miss anything on your outdoor decoration list? We can’t wait to get started on some of these fun decor ideas. Which one will you try first? Let us know on social.