Get Back to School Ready

It’s that time of year again! Are you nervous to get the first day of school? Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you are prepared for a new school year. 

Shop Early

Four highlighters, two packs of markers, three composition books, oh my! It can be overwhelming, and you might have to go to a few different stores, so start shopping early! It’s tempting to just wait and go the weekend before school starts. However, you’ll end up shopping in a mob of stressed parents and kids shouting what’s on their list. Beat the crowd and shop early so you can get the best deals and the first picks!

Go clothes shopping with a list

Make sure your kid arrives in style by using these deals. Go into the store with a list of what you need (shoes, jackets, pants, etc.). That way there is a plan, and it won’t seem as frantic. Have too many clothes at home? Donate or get money for them by using ThredUp! They will send you a free bag to pack and ship. It’s a great way to make room for new clothes while getting a little something back. 

Change your sleep schedule

Don’t let you or your kids wake up tired on the first day of school, start changing your sleep schedule early! Try getting up at the time you would wake up for school a week in advance. This helps adjust your body to waking up on time, and it saves you from waking up exhausted on the first day. 

Plan your lunch menu

Curb the groaning from your kids about having meatloaf for lunch. Sit down with them early on and discuss what they would like in their lunch box. Still can’t agree? Try going through a trial period of proposed lunches. Add some of the things they want while incorporating nutritional needs at the same time. By compromising early on, there will be no arguments in the morning about lunch. Need some ideas? Check out these school lunches.

Make them after school snacks

For some kids, going back to school might not be an exciting time. Try boosting their mood by making them after school snacks. It’s like a little reward for doing a great job, and they can look forward to their next treat the day after. Here are some nutritional recipes that our little ones love.

Build a work station

Start the school year off clean and organized. Make a designated space for them to come home and do their homework. It will help them focus and stay organized. Include some desk accessories to help their brain stay stimulated. 

Have we missed anything on your list? Let us know!