The Perfect Spring House Plants

Spring has finally sprung across Maryland and Pennsylvania! With flowers blooming throughout our Gemcraft communities. Add a pop of color to your Gemcraft home with a beautiful houseplant! These easy to care for plants are perfect for homeowners on the go, and they’re the ideal spring decor!

African Violets

These beautiful plants were meant to be grown indoors all year round! Feel free to set them out on your patio but be sure to bring them back, as they are known to be a tasty snack for insects. African violets are the perfect houseplant since they thrive in indirect sunlight. To satisfy the plants’ thirst for constant damp soil,  it’s best to plant it in a container with a water reservoir that allows the water to seep into the soil from the bottom of the pot.


Bromeliads are the perfect houseplant! They require little maintenance and aren’t very susceptible to pesky insects. Adapted to stand long periods of drought, this house plant will create the perfect tropical atmosphere in your Gemcraft home, (the ideal plant for a sunroom). Although this plant does not require a great deal of water to survive, Gemcraft homeowners should let the water catch in between the leaves, where it will be absorbed over time.

Peace Lily

One of the most common, and easy to care for houseplants, the Peace Lily does not require much direct light and can handle the occasional over or under watering. Keep these stunning houseplants in a location with plenty of room to grow, as they can grow up to 16 inches in height.

Easter Cactus

These plants thrive best when they’re entirely left alone. Needing little to no light exposure, this plant thrives in the darkness. Unlike desert cacti, these plants need cooler temperatures, even during the day, and will bloom for months in colder climates, as long as the soil is kept moist in between waterings.