Make the Most Of Your Commute to Baltimore

With a host of Gemcraft Home’s communities being just minutes away from popular commuter routes in Harford and Cecil county were giving homeowners the best hand free apps to make the most out of their commutes to Baltimore!

Dictate Your Commute

Use your commuting time wisely. Download the Dragon Mobile Assistant app to make voice commands easy on your mobile phone. Send emails, text messages, post updates to social, set reminders, and more. Ideal for residents that make the drive from Cecil or Harford County, Dragon also has a setting that, when enabled, detects when you’re in a moving vehicle and automatically switches to hands-free, eyes-free mode. Safety first!

Start Checking Emails

Get a jump start on your work day with the ASAM app. Catch up on emails, memos, and notes using the free app to read your emails in the car on your way to work. Once connected to your vehicles Bluetooth or sound system, the app will read your email word for word. Once finished you’ll even have the option to dictate a response.


Need the morning news rundown before you clock in at work? Or, maybe you’re just in the mood for a good laugh. Podcasts are the new wave sweeping commuters across the nation. From buzzworthy news about the week’s events to a little light-hearted commentary to get your day started, there’s a podcast for everyone. Check out these top podcast that’ll add a little fun to your morning drive!

Audio Books

Your drive to work is a great time to catch up or even start a new book. Download the Audible app today to listen to the top audiobooks Amazon has to offer, generating the most buzz from critics and audiobook enthusiast. First-time users of the audiobook app receive a free download!

Practice Mindfulness

Calm is the perfect app for Cecil and Harford County residents to keep running during their drive home. From calming stories to relaxing mindfulness sessions, this app is sure to relieve you of the day to day stresses on top of keeping you aware and present during the commute from work.

Your drive up and down I-95 and Route 40 just got a little easier. Drive safe!