3 Easy New Years Resolutions For Your Home

With the new year arriving soon, we’re sure many of our Gemcraft homeowners will be making their resolutions for 2019. From saving money to being more active, there are a variety of resolutions you can set to better yourself for the new year. But, we couldn’t help but think of the many ways our residents can better their Gemcraft dream homes! So here it is, the easiest 2019 New Year Resolutions for your Gemcraft Home!

In 2019 I’ll……….Declutter My Home Every Weekend

New Years is the last festive holiday of 2018. The weekend after New Year’s Eve, take the time to deep clean your home. Once your house is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, it’ll be simple to maintain the clutter free mess you started the new year with!  

  • Place all your cleaning supplies in a portable carrier to move from room to room
  • Focus on one task in a single room at a time.
  • Don’t do it on your own. Enlist the help of your family, spouse, or kids to help!


In 2019 I’ll………Go Green

Going green doesn’t have to involve solar panels on your roof. Going green can be as simple as cutting your homes energy usage and reducing your own carbon footprint. This is one of the easiest resolutions to keep up with. The Worldwatch Institute, a global environmental organization, dedicated to sustainability, recommends slightly altering your daily activities to save energy in your home and money in the long run. Some examples include:

  • Use a “smart” power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts “phantom” or “vampire” energy use.
  • Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. As much as 85 percent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water.
  • Use a drying rack or clothesline to save the energy otherwise used during machine drying.


In 2019 I’ll………Limit My Home’s Water Usage

Water usage is apart of everyone’s daily routines. From waking up to brush your teeth in the morning to cooking dinner at night, our homes require water to make them livable. But curbing your homes water usage could save you hundreds of dollars when it’s time to pay the water bill.

  • Turn off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth to save water and energy
  • Don’t rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher
  • Install and use a low flow showerhead