Celebrating National Chili Day

The unseasonably balmy temperatures may make us forget that were in final throes of winter, but tomorrow is February 22nd and National Chili Day. There are more style of chili than we can possibly cover in this blog post but we collected 5 of our favorite chili recipes that will appeal to most tastes.

Chili Con Carne

If you’re looking to whip a quick bowl of chili that’s made with ingredients found readily in your fridge and pantry give this a recipe a try.

Real Texas Chili Con Carne

The folks at Serious Eats have spent hours in the test kitchen developing this real Texan chili made with fall apart tender beef chunks, dried chilies, and a fragrant red sauce. Keep it real and leave out the beans!

Vegetarian Chili

The polar opposite of the Texas Con Carne, this vegetarian style chili is all about the beans, aromatics and crumbled veggies burgers to make it hearty and delicious!

Chili Verde

Delicious pork shoulder is slow cooked in a fresh and tart green sauce starring Anaheim chiles and tomatillos.

White Chicken Chili

Check out this mouthwatering take on chili that is made with traditional chili spices, white beans and chicken and finished with a bit of cream to tame the jalapeno heat and give a silky luxurious texture.