DIY Fall Decorations

Pumpkins, leaves, acorns, golden flowers, warm colors all around-it’s one of the best times to decorate a home with fun DIY’s. Here are some Fall fresh ideas that will make your Gemcraft home feel Fall-ready and super cozy!

Leaf Card Art

This is a great idea for bringing the nature of Fall into your home! Find your favorite leaves and tape them to identification cards. Kids will also love this project, hunting for leaves and learning about the different trees around.

Fall Wreath

A great way to show off to all the guests that walk into your Gemcraft home- this wreath is perfect for the change in season. You can either find materials for this DIY at your local craft store or right in your neighborhood.

Cozy Glow

The best part about Fall is the cozy vibes that it brings. Bring out that cozy feeling with this candle DIY that you can accent all the rooms in your Gemcraft home with.

Colorful Acorns

Display these spray-painted acorns in a clear bowl and you have a great little centerpiece for your coffee table. This particular DIY is so simple and fun and all you have to do is buy spray paint and go nuts!

Patterned Pumpkins

What’s a post about Fall decor without pumpkins?! Patterned pumpkins are a great, modern-looking way to spruce up your Gemcraft home, inside and out.


Now you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to bust out the glue gun and paint and get crafting. Happy Fall!