Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Landscaping is just another way to make your Gemcraft Home reflect who you are, all while adding character to your home. If you are new to the landscaping game, or even a veteran landscaper, here are some tips and tricks for starting off and designing your new landscape!

Starting Off:

Invest in a Good Tarp – you can use a lightweight tarp to protect your plants coming home from the nursery, and to hold and move light debris in the yard when working.

New Plants? Starter Fertilizer to the Rescue! – It’s all in the name – starter fertilizer is good for putting new plants in the mix. The better starter fertilizers for the job will have more phosphorous and low nitrogen.

Bulk v. Bagged – When considering which way to purchase mulch or soil, think about its final destination. If you can just dump the mulch or soil where you are going to spread it then buy it in bulk. If however, you need to move it or divide it up in different areas of your landscape, buy it in bags. It is much easier to move this way and will prevent your grass from getting as dirty as it would if you dumped it from a pickup truck in several different spots.

Design Decisions:

How to Plant –  you have several options when choosing how to plant. You can buy plants in bulbs or pots. Then, regardless of how you buy there are several ways to transfer your nice finds from local nurseries to your own landscape. You can take a potted plant and leave it in the pot or you can transfer to another pot of your choice or plant it in the ground. You can also buy bulbs and plant those in a pot of your choosing or the ground.

Half Moon Edger – This tool is extremely versatile and can add a lot of finesse to your landscaping. Check out this site on five of its great uses!

Blue Water Baltimore – If you need more inspiration for landscaping your Gemcraft Home, check out Blue Water Baltimore and their Herring Run Nursery. What’s so great about this nursery? They have a lot of plants that thrive in Maryland and the surrounding areas with low maintenance options if your “green thumb” is not-so-green.  You can even purchase trees that you’ll watch grow into your new favorite shady spot. For more information, please visit their website.

Your landscape can compliment your Gemcraft home, add curb appeal, and make you the envy of the neighborhood! So if you need more tools and tips don’t hesitate to visit the closest Lowes, Home Depot, or local nursery for expert advice. These are all knowledgeable resources that will have you on your way!