Tips on Keeping Pesky Bugs Away

Summertime means spending more time outdoors, which of course means having to deal with pesky bugs and mosquitos. Keep the insects away this season with these easy tips.

Plant garlic, mint, and rosemary in your garden or in pots on your deck to repel bugs.

Install a ceiling fan or use an oscillating fan on the porch or patio. The wind from the fan will make it harder for bugs to get to you.

Avoid perfumes or heavily scented shampoos and body washes that will attract bugs.

Stay hydrated to keep your skin cool and sweat-free.

Remove standing water. Ponds are an obvious source but don’t forget about rainwater that collects in gutters, wheelbarrows and other areas around the house.

Move trash and recycling cans far away, which can attract bugs with their scent.

Keep food covered at an outdoor barbecue by using lids, colanders, or mesh food covers.

Bugs will be attracted to sweet drinks to keep them covered by using aluminum foil or cupcake liners and stick a straw through.

Ditch the incandescent light bulbs and opt for warm-coloured (yellow) LED bulbs, which attract fewer bugs.

Some people swear by the insect repelling properties of dryer sheets. Stick one in your pocket or clip it to the outside of your clothing.